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Trilogy Networks offers reliable communication solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) provides flexibility to make one-to-one calls or communicate instantly with an entire work group at the touch of a button.

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Support Teams

Trilogy networks

are backed by local sales and support teams.

North Island



Tait Mobile Wellington - 04 568 3139
Global Communications Systems Ltd -
027 666 4507


Teletronics - 06 377 0149

Palmerston North

Adamson and Holland - 06 356 3124

Hawkes Bay

i-Net New Zealand Limited - 021 445 880


MC Communications - 06 759 8999
323 Devon St East, New Plymouth 4312


Mount Maunganui Mobile Systems - 07 575 2966


Woodcom - 021 076 1629


Digifleet - 0800 123 001
Cogent - 0800 222 126

South Island



Outback Communications - 0800 468 822


Ashley Communications - 0508 ASHLEY (0508 274539)


Nelspecs - +64 3 545 6447

Our Tec Partner

Our Technology partner

Tait DMR solutions are compatible with products from vendors that adhere to the popular DMR standard. Tait Communications recently hosted a number of DMR manufacturers and suppliers at the Tait Christchurch campus. The purpose of the visit was to conduct interoperability (IOP) testing with Tait Tier 3 network infrastructure to the latest standard. Senior technical representatives from Simoco, Kirisun, Excera, and Motorola carried out the tests and all found that their technology was compatible with the Tait DMR T3 network.

Tait was the first to bring DMR T3 to the market so it was important not only to update our interoperability to the latest standard, but also provide the IOP opportunity for manufacturers whom are newer to the market with DMR T3. Recently, Tait received official interoperability (IOP) confirmation through the DMR Association.

Trilogy networks Certificate DMR Certified Network provider tait communications

Interoperability is important because it allows a broader choice of equipment for customers, and keeps prices down. Across a communications network, the various technologies and devices can only talk to each other by using similar protocols and standard interfaces which have been defined and understood, implemented and tested by all parties. In the past, closed protocols meant that equipment manufacturers would work with only one or two other vendors. Open protocols give customers flexibility and avoids vendor lock-in. So while some manufacturers still promote closed protocols – and it may seem less expensive initially – it is rarely in the customer’s long-term best interests.

The official certifications for Simoco, Kirisun, Excera, and Motorola terminals on Tait DMR T3 infrastructure are available on the DMRA website.

Tait is committed to interoperable, open-standards-based solutions and we have been a certified open standards provider since 2012. Our DMR networks are built with open-standards to not only provide network interoperability with other agencies, but also to provide smooth migrations. For most organizations, any disruption to communications can be very costly and dangerous. That’s why our networks come with installation support and services so that migrations are seamless.

Tait Communications DMR evolution Map, Trilogy networks certified provider
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